Why Visit?

Because it's Aviemore!

Aviemore is a magical place. With the rolling mountains and hills creating spectacular scenery near and far, there is always something for everyone.


At Holly Lodge, we work hard to ensure you have all the basic comforts as well as some of the more luxurious indulgences to help you recover and recuperate after a hard day's adventuring and exploring!

Knowing you're coming back to comfort is what can make a good day, a great day.

When you're with us in Aviemore, regardless of the weather, you can be guaranteed of being cosy in the Cairngorms!


Ready, set, go!

Aviemore is a location full of history and change. From the moment the first ski-lift opened in 1961, Aviemore has rapidly expanded into the go-to destination for skiing in the UK.

An unfortunate lack of investment in the late 1980's and early 1990's however saw a downturn in visitor turnover and the closure of many businesses. Realising that this had to change, there was substantial revitalisation and investment in the village and the wider Cairngorms area.

Because of this, Aviemore is now so much more than just ski-ing, with water sports, biking routes, walking routes and much, much more besides, there is something for everyone now.

Aviemore is also home to a huge number of annual national events and gigs, such as Thunder in the Glens and the Aviemore Sled Dog Rally to name but two. 

Aviemore, it's more than just the snow!

things to do

These are some of our own favourite places to go and things to do in Aviemore and the surrounding areas.

Aviemore has lots of options for both adults and kids, and plenty that can be shared by both.

landmark forest adventure park

A superb venue for all the family, with high ropes courses for all ages, water slides and a nerve wracking high jump, it also has a beautiful woodland trail.

highland folk museum

So much fun! Go back in time to schools where you got the cane, or see how we lived in Scotland in the 1700's and experience it for yourself!

loch morlich

A man made beach and beautiful views - Loch Morlich has a number of water sports activities available and great fun for kids and adults alike. With a good days weather, the beach is just a fantastic place to be.

strathspey steam railway

For the last 40 years, steam has chuffed through Aviemore with the SSR. Much of the stock has been refurbished by hand by a team of dedicated volunteers. You can see the train and stock from the garden of Holly Lodge, but why not book tickets as well?

walking routes

Absolutely no shortage of these in the surrounding area! With routes and lengths to suit all tastes, the only obstacle will be the weather.


Of course, this is the benefit of having a hot tub to soak in afterwards!

cairngorm mountains

Lucky enough to have snow? Go skiing! No snow? Go anyway and enjoy a trip up the Funicular and the amazing panorama from the viewing points. 

everything else!

There really is just so much to do. There are various websites that can help you plan your day, and Holly Lodge also has the Big Bedroom Book from Landmark which gives you all the information about where and when to go.

The only limit is your time!