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Keep your money in Aviemore!

Aviemore is a thriving, dynamic and varied place, thanks primarily to the tourist industry it has spent the last few decades developing and investing in.

As such, there are a significant number of local businesses and entrepreneurs providing an excellent range of goods to cater for most needs.


They are however competing against large national and international chains and at Holly Lodge, we believe that local businesses must be supported to keep the village unique and independent. 

Kilted Fudge in Aviemore


More than you might think!

As a self-catering holiday let in Aviemore, we know that one of the first things people do when they arrive is go and purchase food and other essential items.

Unfortunately, on your first arrival at a potentially unfamiliar area, the tendency is to gravitate to the shops and stores we know and recognise.

We hope this section will give you some guidance on places you can reliably go to on your arrival that will give you the same or better options than heading to places such as Tesco and Aldi; or when it comes to things like outdoor needs, again giving you local alternatives to the big chains such as Mountain Warehouse and Trespass.

At Holly Lodge we try and ensure every purchase we make or trade we use comes from the local area and we hope you can do the same too.

Keep your money in Aviemore!

Deli Mair in Aviemore

Cairngorm Brewery

What's not to love about locally made beer? With complimentary bottles on arrival at Holly Lodge and an exclusive discount for our guests, you can also enjoy a tour of their facilities.

Cairngorm Brewery Logo.png

kilted fudge

Locally made fudge by two dynamic gentlemen with a drive and determination to make a great product, Kilted Fudge is complimentary on arrival and an exclusive discount is also available for our guests.

Kilted Fudge Logo.jpg

Deli Mair

For local or Scottish produce, fresh sandwiches or other treats and eats, Deli Mair is a fantastic place for quick food or supplies such as cheeses and breads with a good wine selection as well.

Deli Mair.png

Mackinnons of speyside

Unfortunately MacKinnons shut down in 2019 because the new Aldi took away the last of their business. Another sad loss for the area. 

Mackinnons of Speyside.png

mountain cafe

Excellent breakfast and lunch options, and a huge selection of fresh cakes and treats to eat in or take away! Be aware, the queues can be significant.

Mountain Cafe Logo.png

route 7 cafe

Part of the Highland Home Centre store, it's often overlooked but has a great selection for breakfast and lunch in a lovely and friendly environment.

Route7 Logo.png

the happy haggis

The best chippy in Aviemore for when you just need something stodgy and filling for dinner!

Happy Haggis.png

cairngorm mountain sports

A local outdoor equipment and clothing store that easily rivals and beats any of the big national chains in Aviemore

Cairngorm Mountain Sports Logo.png