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The magic of a hot tub

If there's one thing I'll stand by, it's that I always thought the idea of having a hot tub in a holiday let was a bit pointless. The idea of wanting to sit in a vat of bubbling hot water like a vegetable being boiled, never really struck home with me.

That is until I sat in one, surrounded by snow, looking up at a clear sky on a crisp winter's night.

Okay, yep, sold on the idea.

To think, I used to settle for just a roof and a bed when I went self-catering. To think I'd be happy that there was a full shower and that in my mind, that was the height of indulgent luxury after a days biking or trekking.

At Holly Lodge, we have an NS7 Serenity hot tub installed by Hydropool Scotland (Hydropool homepage) out of Glasgow, and maintained by Speyside Property Services (SPS homepage). It gets three visits a week to ensure the PH levels and water standards are up to European directives on water safety, as well as the tub itself being generally clean and functional. The tub itself sits at a toasty 40 Celsius, though during the summer we can notch it down a bit to combat the hot weather.

At the end of a long and adventure filled day, or to round off a romantic evening, it really is tough to beat. Open the patio door, up the paving to the tub. Robes off, climb in, sit back and, 'Aaaaah, relax'.

As the heat seeps into the tired muscles and eases the tension, it's one of life's true decadent luxuries to rest your head back and gaze up at the stars in silence, or enjoy the social hub of friends in a tub with good chat and laughter.

Because we back onto the Strathspey Steam Railway (SRS homepage) as well, it’s never failed to become part of the conversation; either at night when you’re looking at the static historical carriages that SRS have bought with plans to refurbish, or if it’s during the day and you’re watching the steam train roll past.

It’s just the perfect way to end a day, and you’ve got the privacy of high fences around to help keep modesty in check.

Think about your next self-catering holiday (Great North Lodges website), think about Aviemore, and think about that little dash of luxury that comes with a great hot tub!

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