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Updated: Dec 3, 2018

When we first started on the journey to owning a holiday let, we weren't really very sure what to expect in terms of our guests. A varied mix, a wide spread of demographics and of likes and dislikes, needs and wants.

Our main, overriding aim was to ensure that anyone who gave us their trust and decided to book a stay with us via Great North Lodges (GNL homepage) would have a memorable and happy stay.

It turns out, one of our guests from November 2018 decided to do more than that, and proposed to their partner whilst at Holly Lodge! This is such a touching moment, and it made us so happy to think that somebody felt the surroundings we'd created were suitable for such a momentous occasion. Sitting back and thinking about it, it was one of those little snapshots of how our guests engage with Holly Lodge that make it all worthwhile and gave us that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Even though we have a property management team with Speyside Property Services (SPS homepage) and our booking agent, Great North Lodges (GNL homepage), it still leaves a huge amount resting in our hands; from what we give guests on arrival, to what provisions we put in place in terms of general need.

Moments like this remind us of our objective of making people happy, and justify all the time and effort spent on Holly Lodge.

It’s great to know that we’re part of the whole adventure of creating memories for people, and that’s something we’ve always aspired to.

From the stories among friends,

“Remember that time we went to Aviemore and that cosy wee place with the hot tub, and we went kayaking on Loch Morlich (Loch Morlich Watersports) and you fell into the water?!”


“I proposed to your mum in Aviemore, it was a lovely place and it felt perfect.";

we’re part of memories, fond and treasured.

We hope to continue this trend for many years to come, and most excitingly for us, we’re now at the stage where we’re starting to get return guests. This ranks as one of the highest accolades you can get – they liked it so much last time, they’ve come back. Keep your reviews and stars, this is what counts!

We hope many more of you will decide to give Holly Lodge in Aviemore (GNL booking page) a try – it’s certainly been the right choice for dozens so far!

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