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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

There is a lot of guidance, advice and confusion out there about how a self-catering property should manage the risk from Covid-19.

At Holly Lodge, having read and listened to lots of it, we've decided to take a fairly pragmatic approach.

For those guests looking to stay with us, or those already booked in, here are a few key points:

  1. Our property team, Help Management, have completed a course in Infection Control and have full processes in place to clean the property prior to the next guest arriving.

  2. The hot-tub is already maintained to a high level with three days a week testing, and annual and bi-annual testing for Legionellas and other concerns.

  3. We're leaving in the Scottish Fine Soaps hand gel, but we're also adding in bars of soap for each guest to ensure hand hygiene is as high as possible.

  4. We're removing the coffee / sugar and tea jars and instead bringing in a small tub which contains sealed face masks in case you forget yours, along with sealed tea / coffee and sugar and more bars of soap.

  5. We've installed an external hand sanitiser unit that guests should use on entry to the house, and it's situated on the garden gate, easily accessible.

  6. We're taking out some of the books / DVDs and board games and we will rotate them around so that whilst these are nice to haves, we're not going to get rid of all of them as some advice suggests. Instead we'll rotate them out so the next guest gets a fresh set of books / DVDs and board games.

  7. We've taken out some of the extra cushions and throws to make it easier for the team to clean and decontaminate after each visit, and again this is based on advice from and other sources

  8. We are not removing any of the extra cutlery or crockery as some sources recommend. This would be detrimental to your stay.

Ultimately, it's a tough balance, but key above everything else is the element of personal responsibility. Our team will make sure the house is as clean as possible for you, and you will be provided with everything you need to be clean and safe. Really though, when you book a self-catering house, you don't want an empty shell with all the extras removed. You want a cosy, comfortable house and with Holly Lodge, that's exactly what you get! See you soon!

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