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Nearly at the end of an unusual year

Nearly in to November, and it's with no great sadness that we get ready to wave goodbye and good riddance to 2020!

Holly Lodge, like many other self-catering properties, took a hit during the national lockdown as bookings were cancelled and deferred or refunded and nobody really knew what was happening.

Thankfully, Holly Lodge fits that very popular niche of being a family sized house with the added luxuries associated with bigger properties - the hot tub, log burner and general provisions within the house. As such, we're back to a busy on and off season, with lots of returning guests and lots of new guests.

It's really reassuring for us that we're seeing the same names coming back through every year - we even have a few guests who're staying two or three times a year with us. This means a lot to us to know they've found a home from home and that Holly Lodge keeps them coming back year after year - our New Year booking has been with us for three years now!

We also took a long look at the self catering market immediately after lockdown, and noted that prices across the board were going up. This was based on supply and demand - limited supply but demand that for our booking agent, Cottages, was up 400% across their portfolio.

My belief is that we've all had a rotten year, and people shouldn't be punished financially for wanting to stay in the UK, especially when many of us may have taken a hit to our income. As such, we linked in with Cottages and confirmed that our prices were not to increase - we stayed with our pre-Covid pricing structure.

We want you to enjoy Aviemore, enjoy the much needed rest and relaxation and most importantly, enjoy staying in Holly Lodge. We don't want you thinking about how much it cost you!

Inherently, UK staycations tend to be more expensive than going abroad, but that's just the nature of the UK economy and the increased costs. There's no need to take people on a ride over it though.

It's actually worth pointing out that Cottages also sent an email out to all their owners in which they stated they were unhappy with some owner demands for price increases. Apparently people were looking to increase their rates by frankly offensive amounts.

So, Holly Lodge - ready as always to welcome you in, so that you can be cosy in the Cairngorms and have a wonderful holiday.

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