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Keeping your money in Aviemore

As mentioned before, Aviemore has had its ups and downs. The economy has boomed and slumped, and the challenge for small business owners to survive has at times been extreme.

The problem for a place like Aviemore however, is that when self-catering visitors come to stay and use the area and it’s amazing facilities, they’ll often shop safe.

This means going to stores they know such as Tesco (Tesco website)

and the new Aldi (Aldi website) for their food and drink provisions, and big brand companies like Ellis Brigham (EB website) and Mountain Warehouse (MW website) for their outdoor gear.

The real challenge a place like Avimore faces, is to try and encourage visitors to use the local businesses instead. Businesses with history and roots in the village or the Cairngorms and Highlands area. Businesses where the money goes back into the local economy rather than away into a corporation bank somewhere.

Yes, these big-name firms all hire local staff and bring employment to the area and this should never be understated, but in comparison, a sale to Deli Mair (DM website) for some food provisions not only pays the wages, the money also goes back into the community through investment, expansion or just simply expenditure on local suppliers.

That’s why on our website, we list a few of the local shops that can give you excellent choice as well as allowing you to keep your money in the Aviemore and Cairngorms area.

At Holly Lodge, we also went one step further and were able to obtain exclusive discounts at Kilted Fudge and Cairngorm Brewery for our guests of 10% on production of the Holly Lodge keyring.

If we can keep our money in Aviemore, the village will continue to develop and improve. Do your bit for Aviemore – spend in Aviemore!

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