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Back in business!

With the announcement from the Scottish Government that self-catering properties could recommence operations from the 3rd of July, we've been hard at it getting the house ready for those guests pre-booked as well as the raft of new bookings we took almost immediately after that announcement was made.

Aviemore from the 3rd until about the 9th was relatively quiet, however the weekend of the 10th of July has seen a huge uptick in visitors to the areas and all the self-catering properties are reporting near maximum capacity bookings.

Here at Holly Lodge, we're not yet open with our first guests due to arrive on the 24th of July.

Why aren't we open? Upgrades! As we've mentioned before, we take this self-catering malarky fairly seriously, and want our guests to have a comfortable, cosy stay in a well presented and prepared house.

The latest improvements that we've managed to cram in over the last week are:

1. New cushions and upholstery, the last of the original Silverglades orange is finally gone from the house to be replaced with various tones of red. This creates a much warmer feel and fits well we think. 2. New curtains, custom ordered and hand made in Glasgow at the Cotton Print Factory, which are heavy duty, lined blackout curtains. They help keep the heat in and the light out for those late risers!

3. A new dining table - we've got rid of the large six seater table and gone with an extendable round table. It seats four and extends to six, with four chairs present and the two other high backed chairs from the bedrooms available to up numbers if required. This makes the living room feel far more spacious.

4. A general refresh of some crocker and pots and pans. There seems to be a trend for some people using sharp implements on the pants and pots, and we noticed a lot of the protective coating was scratched and gouged out, so we had to replace a fair few.

5. A new family bathroom! Having ripped out and fully replaced the en-suite in 2019, we've finally managed to get the family bathroom done. Again, ripped back to shell with pipework and plasterboard replaced and hydrolock multipanels fitted instead of tiling, with all new sanitary ware. This is currently ongoing and will be complete for the 23rd.

6. I even defrosted the freezer!! Though I forgot there was ice-cream in it. :(

So, in short, we're making sure the house is ready for the first set of guests and that it's as it always has been - cosy, welcoming and inviting. We hope to see you soon!!

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