Guest Feedback

The people that matter

It turns out that owning and running a holiday let has quite a unique set of challenges. Not sure who's idea this was to do this, but it's been an experience! Ultimately though, when you get to see some of the feedback left by guests, it makes it all worth while, and you remember why you're doing it. To know that someone has trusted us enough to book with us, stay in our home and have their holiday with Holly Lodge as their place to rest and relax, and enjoyed it, is just an amazing feeling.

We really do just want our guests to have a fabulous time on their trip, and we all know, as we've all been there, that a holiday can make or break based on where you've picked to stay. We want you to know that this is something that has energy, motivation, enthusiasm and love invested in it to try and make your holiday just the best.

For example, we've worked hard with who regularly review and feedback to their owners about what expectations they have of any property on their portfolio, and their standards are very high. As such, we're constantly improving the property.

Since we took ownership of the property from the renowned Silverglades Holiday Homes in October 2017, we have:


  • ​Replaced all the windows with new, top spec windows and a new patio door

  • Installed new heating solutions (all on-demand electric, no more frustrating storage heaters)

  • Installed a hot tub

  • Fitted new carpets in both bedrooms

  • Erected new fencing for privacy (with more to come)

  • New flooring throughout the house and upgraded plumbing

  • Full refurbishment of the en-suite bathroom

  • Plus a thousand other small things which all add together to make the overall experience​

We also have Help Management who give you 24/7 support during your stay and who visit the house three times a week to maintain the hot tub, and at least once a week to conduct a maintenance check of the property. We're always keen to highlight this point - when you stay with us, you're fully supported. We as the owners might be remote from the property, but a dedicated team of experienced people are on hand who can be on site within a matter of minutes if urgent and who can take care of almost any issue.

So, that feedback? It's invaluable to us. We use it to make Holly Lodge better, or just to smile and know that someone has memories of Aviemore which include our home in them.

To all our guests that have stayed with us, we would like to thank you for your trust. We hope to have you all back soon!
Speaking of which, here is some of that feedback, but to find more, Google Holly Lodge Aviemore or come and stay with us and read the Guest book for yourself!